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 Somalian radical Islamic group al-Shabaab killed 14 people and injured 11 more in an attack in Kenya’s Soko Mbuzi this week. The village is in northeastern Kenya and very close to the Somalia border.

At least 85 people have died in the past eight months from attacks by the terrorist group.

The two homes attacked “housed primarily quarry workers.” Mandera county Commissioner Alex Nkoyo told the media that attackers, between 10 and 15 total, used a massive explosive device “to blow open a gate to the compound.” They started shooting as soon as they entered the base. Unfortunately, many people slept outside due to the heat, and the militants shot as those who attempted to flee or enter the homes.

“All indications are that they were Al-Shabaab militants,” stated Nkoyo. “They destroyed metal grilled doors before they bombed the houses and opened fire on the innocent victims.”

The attackers escaped into nearby bushes. The police do not have anyone in custody. They also believe some might already be back in Somalia. Nkoyo said the amount of bullets led them to believe there were 10 to 15 attackers.

This attack occurred just a few weeks before President Barack Obama’s scheduled visit to Kenya for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. It also happened a few months after al-Shabaab slaughtered hundreds of students at Garissa University College. The militants separated the Christians from Muslims. They promptly slaughtered the Christians.

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