AU summit concludes after deliberation on Africa’s key challenges




ADDIS ABABA, Jan. 31 (Xinhua) — The 24th African Union (AU) summit concluded later Saturday after deliberation on varied issues and with the Adoption of Agenda 2063, a vision and action plan towards prosperous and peaceful Africa.

The summit convened on 30-31 Jan. in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, whereby African leaders deliberated on different issues including among others the Ebola crisis and peace and security on the African continent.

In his closing remarks, Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe and chairman of the AU, said the summit was successful whereby the leaders deliberated and exchanged views on varied issues towards socio-economic development of the continent.

“During the past two days, we have had a frank, robust and fruitful exchange of views on key challenges confronting our continent,” said Mugabe.

“The adoption of the Agenda 2063 framework by this assembly represents an important milestone in our development.”

The summit called on member states to implement the mega projects that have been agreed on at the assembly including among others the integrated high speed train network, the Inga III hydropower project, the aviation and auto space project, and the pan-African network, according to Mugabe.

The summit has also agreed, as part of Agenda 2063, to leverage Africa’s resources for the benefit of its people.

“To achieve this objective, we have to intensify our efforts to value add and beneficiate our mineral resources as well as to industrialize and create employment for our people, especially our youth,” he said.

Stating that the summit was held under the theme, the “Year of Women’s Empowerment and Development towards Africa’s Agenda 2063”, Mugabe said there would be an elaborated discussion on the theme at next summit.

The summit also dwelt upon alternative sources of financing for Africa.

“This summit had therefore to adopt several important measures aimed at broadening the financial base of our organization and viability of our programs.”

The summit has also taken a concrete decision to accelerate the efforts to establish Africa’s center for disease control and prevention towards preparedness and response to disease outbreak on the continent.

Having recognized progress made in the peace and security arena, the summit expressed concern over the situations in some areas, such as in Libya, Mali, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Somalia and DR Congo.

“In this regard, we have committed ourselves to redouble our efforts to achieve durable peace and stability in those areas,” said Mugabe.

Stating that the summit dwelt upon on the scourge of terrorism and violent extremism demonstrated by different groups in Africa, he said that AU would provide full support to member states in their efforts to address the challenge.

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