Authorities execute senior Al Shabaab leader in southern Somalia


Ahmed Ismail Ali, a senior Al Shabaab leader in Gedo region in southern Somalia has been executed by a military court that found him guilty of killing several government officials in the region.

Hassan Mohamed, the commissioner of Burdubo district of Gedo region said that Ali was also an active member of Al Shabaab and was among Al Shabaab officials assigned for the Nairobi shopping mall attack.

The official said that Ali had been arrested by the Somali government forces after they knew that he had suffered from injures in battle between the Al Shabaab militants and government forces and he was later brought to justice.

Mohamed said that the security forces are pursuing other three Al Shabaab militants whom he accused of being behind the killing of deputy commissioner of Burdubo district Ali Matan, last week.

Many Al Shabaab collaborators have been tried in a military court, which many people believe had contributed in reducing the strength of militant activities in the country.

The insurgent group has been experiencing military loses and drone attacks have killed several of its key leaders.


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