Banadir, Hiiraan and Middle Shabelle Excluded From Civil Service Salaries and Critical Service Delivery Support For Ambiguous Constitutional Reasons



About 3 billion dollars is said to have been given to Somalia as part of Global New Deal to help countries like Somalia rebuild after years of war.

Some of that money, small part of it, was given to be World Bank to pay the salaries of the civil servents (and other
relevant services such as training and consulting)  belonging to selected core of Somalia’s Federal and regional government ministries, departments and agencies, engaged in delivering critical services, such as health and education.

Between July and December, 2014, about 13 million dollars was used on salaries and other expenses given to about four thousand civil servants in Mogadishu, belonging to Somalia’s Federal Government.

Mogadishu port alone generates about 5 million dollars a month as revenue; Somalia’ Federal Government can pay the salaries of its civil servants. So its it not a matter of capacity but will.

In any case, this support was extended to regional governments like Puntland and Jubbaland, even though the money given to them was smaller, about a Million dollars.

However, such support was not given to Banadir region, a region that has the highest population in Somalia, even though the revenues collected from Banadir’s air and sea ports are taken by Somalia’s Federal Government; however, small portion of that revenue is given to Banadir Regional Administration, such as 15% of the revenues of the port.

On the other hand, revenues collected form the air and sea ports located in Puntland and Jubbaland are not given to the Federal Government of Somalia to take care Federal Services, such as Foreign Affair, such as the expense of Somalia’s Embassies and the Army, rather these revenues are kept by these entities.

Moreover, money allocated for civil servants and delivery of critical services, such as health and education, working for Federal Government of Somalia and regional administrations in Somalia, was silent about the portion allocated for Banadir regions, and other regions in in south and central Somalia, suggesting their exclusion. This is an injustice to the people of Banadir region, and others in the South and the Center, such as Hiiraan, Middle Shabelle and South-West.

Part of the reason why Puntland and Jubbaland were able to secure support from the New Deal, through the World Bank, , as claimed,  is that they are member states of the Federal Government of Somalia. This is  what an article in the World Bank website suggests, by referring to eligibility, and what it calls member states.

Somalia’s Provisional Constitution is not clear about the notion of member states. Article 142, section one and two,assumes the existence of member states; however, article 49, section one to six, outlines a process that leads regional government into becoming  members of the Federal Government. The process has been started but it has not been completed yet. So, officially, per article 49, no member states exist. The Constitution, in any case, is subject to review now. To use then these ambiguous Constititonal criteria to disburse and withhold funds given to Somalia raises questions.

Is someone or some entity using given funds to reward regional state formations?

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