Communique of 2016 electoral process consultations in Mogadishu

Mogadishu, Somalia ( SOMALI AGENDA) — SOMALI AGENDA has received and verified the authenticity of a draft communique of the ongoing 2016 electoral process consultations in Mogadishu.

The document written in Somali and conspicuously inspired by an earlier proposal made by Mathew Bryden, stipulates series of mechanisms to ensure what its authors call representative & democratic process towards the 2016 elections. It also proposes what it calls a “National Consultative Forum.” The forum comprised of the Federal Government, federal states among others is tasked with charting the path towards elections in 2016.

Experts tell SOMALI AGENDA, despite being billed as “Somali owned process” the National Consultative Forum is effectively a creation of Matthew Bryden and ambassador Nicholas Kay who faces pressure from the International Community to deliver on the core objectives of a credible and representative electoral process. SAHAN Consulting owned by Matthew Bryden wields considerable influence among the International Community regarding Somalia, owing to the group’s deep links with the United Nation’s Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG). Some sources allege ambassador Nicholas Kay himself might join SAHAN Consulting with the potential to create a conflict of interest.






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