Egyptian Tristar Air freighter crashes in Somalia



An Egyptian-registered Tristar Air Airbus A300 freighter crashed near the Somali capital Mogadishu around 1930 local time Oct. 12, according to local reports.

Local news agency Goobjooog News carried pictures from the scene, some 12nm/22km northwest of Mogadishu’s Aden Adde airport, apparently showing the aircraft registration as SU-BMZ. According to specialist websites, the registration belongs to an A300B4-200F of Cairo-based Tristar Air and is believed to be the carrier’s sole equipment.

An official at Tristar Air in Cairo told ATW the only company manager authorized to talk on the matter was at Egypt’s civil aviation ministry and was unavailable.

A Somali government spokesman, quoted by Goobjoog News, said the six people on board the aircraft suffered minor injuries in what was described as a forced landing. The agency said the aircraft had made several attempts to land at the airport before putting down in a field. The aircraft is believed to have flown from Ostend in Belgium to Cairo before traveling on to Mogadishu.

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