EU training mission to provide Somali army only with basic equipment



The European Union Training Mission in Somalia (EUTM Somalia) is now prioritising ways to provide Somalia’s soldiers with basic supplies and equipment, the mission’s commander told reporters in Brussels on 1 July.

“We are now exploring the possibility to boost concrete support to the Somali army via the EU’s train-and-equip initiative,” said Italy’s Brigadier General Antonio Maggi.

The five-year-old mission has trained roughly 4,000 Somali recruits and will instruct another 1,200 for the remainder of its mandate, which ends in December 2016.

Noting that the EU’s train-and-equip initiative “is still only a concept at this stage” he said it would allow his mission “to properly equip the units we are training” and to refurbish the Somali military’s infrastructure such as its hospital in Mogadishu.

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