Galmudug forces gear up efforts to end Al Shabab menace in central Somalia

The heroes of Galmudug State forces are still pursuing Al Shabab militants who recently entered in Galmudug territory with the aim to set up new bases.

The military operations against the terrorist group spread to many areas including Galhagoog, Dinooda, Af-Barwaaqo and Towfiiq.

The Miniter of Information, Orientation, Culture and Tourism Mohamud Aden Osman said about 120 Al Shabab militants are trapped in areas between Dinooda and Galhagoog, adding that some of them are believed to be foreign fighters .

In the latest military operations, Al Shabab has lost 11 fighters, and 25 others were captured including six who sustained injuries.

Miniter Mohamud has commended the swift response and determination of Galmudug forces, who bravely confronted the enemy and refused them to set bases in Galmudug territory.

’’The capability of our forces and the support of our people enabled us to enjoy a victory against the enemy. We went after them in every corner. I hope we will soon end this operations and clear this menace from our region’’, concluded the Minister.

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