Galmudug State concerns the Visit to Dhusamareb by the Speaker of the Federal Parliament

President of Galmudug State Abdikarim Hussein Gulled

Press Release

The visit to Dhusamareb town by the Speaker of the Federal Parliament of Somalia, Hon. Mohamed Osman Jawari is a cause for alarm as it is intended to disrupt the relative stability and peace in the region.

The decision of the visit and the timing is deliberately designed to undermine the on-going dialogue between Galmudug State and ASWJ under the auspices of IGAD, supported by UNSOM and the international community.

It is our view that the overall aim of the Speaker in his partaking of a parallel effort at this time is to derail the prospects of 2016 elections and to make the extension for the mandate of the parliament as a Fait Accompli.

Galmudug State reminds the Federal Government and the international community that such a manipulation of the electoral process leading to an extension is contrary to the UN Security Council Resolutions and the outcomes of the National Consultative Forum.

Any mediation efforts undertaken by the Federal Government of Somalia and the International Community between Galmudug and ASWJ would be welcome in so far as these efforts are coordinated with those other efforts already underway and shown some progress.

Galmudug further reminds the Federal Government of Somalia and the international community that any setback to peace or any renewed civil violence will be the sole responsibility of the speaker for which he will be held accountable.

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