General Mohamed Hassan Hamud is Somalia police commander



The Somali government has appointed former defense minister as police commander after the seat fell vacant in October last year following the death of the then police chief in a cardiac arrest.

General Mohamed Hassan Hamud comes to office at a time when the security situation in Somalia, particularly, Mogadishu, has been on the decline following several attacks by the militant group ‘al-Shabaab’.

Former spy chief General Bashir Goobe was also appointed head of the Custodial Corps three days after one of the custodial corps was gunned down in Mogadishu.

Government spokesman Ridwan Haji told Xinhua that the appointments by the cabinet led by Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali were necessary to deal with the run-away insecurity, which had led to loss of several lives within a short period of time.

“The two appointments will go a long way in bolstering security in the country.

“Their qualifications and experience is sufficient to enable them handle these assignments,” said Haji.

The Somali government this past week warned the public of possible attacks by ‘al-Shabaab’ in Mogadishu, calling for public vigilance.

Al-Shabaab has launched several attacks since the beginning of the year, claiming close to 100 lives and injuring several others, including senior government officials.

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