High powered UN delegation visits Jowhar

High powered United Nation’s delegation on Wednesday visited Jowhar, the regional capital of Middle Shabelle. The delegation compromised by representatives of various UN agencies such as the UNICEF, UNDP, UNDSS and the WFP.

The delegation aims to gain understanding on the prevailing humanitarian and political situation in the Middle Shabelle Region and is expected to last for days. They were welcomed by the governor of the region Ali Gudlawe Hussein. The delegation is expected to interact with local civil society and the regional administration during their stay. Communities around Jowhar and elsewhere in Middle Shabelle and Hiiraan are currently facing unprecedented floods which have washed away many villages and destroyed hundreds of farms.

Jowhar is home to the largest UNICEF facility in South and Central Somalia and local authorities expect the facility to be renovated and staffed.

Last year, the UN Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General and resident humanitarian coordinator for Somalia Philippe Lazzarini visited Jowhar to tour flood impacted communities in the region.



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