Int’l community lauds Somalia on process of formation of new state


The international community on Saturday praised Somalia following the launch of the Adado Conference in Central Somalia aimed at the formation of an interim state in the region.

In a joint statement, the UN, regional body IGAD, the EU, African Mission in Somalia, U.S., Sweden, Italy, Ethiopia, Uganda and Turkey also praised the people of central Somalia for the successful conclusion of the reconciliation conference in the central town of Dhusamareb following incessant fighting in the region.

“This is another important step towards peace and state- building for the people of central regions, as well as all Somalis, ” the statement said.

“While looking forward for a successful outcome of the conference in Adado, we urge the people of the central regions to build their new administration on the principles of reconciliation, consensus and inclusivity,” it added.

The conference which started three days ago follows an agreement signed in July last year in Somalia to form an all- inclusive new state in Somalia which will be known as the Central State. This state will be the third newest state since the Provisional Constitution 2012 came to effect.

They also called on the parties in the conference to engage in constructive reconciliation to build the foundation on a stable interim administration pledging their support to ensure timely implementation of the outcomes of the conference.

Special Representative of the UN Secretary General Nicholas Kay said the visit by the international partners to the region before the official opening of the conference was a demonstration of their support and to promote a spirit of compromise.

Central State will be the third state following the formation of Interim Jubba Administration in 2013 and South Western State last year. Under the New Compact Deal and Vision 2016 signed in Brussels 2013, the completion of the federalisation process of the country was key among other major agreements of the deal.

Somalia will also be expected to hold a referendum for the new constitution early next year to usher in the new polls later in the year.

The Adado conference is expected to conclude in 42 days’ time based on the set schedule.

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