KDF killed 34 Al Shabaab militants in separate shootouts in Somalia



KDF killed 34 Al Shabaab militants in separate shootouts in Somalia at the weekend and recovered weapons. Here’s what Kenyans had to say

Mugambi Tosha: May God strengthen our soldiers as they fight our enemies. Kamau Njenga: Hey guys, do not leave any stone unturned. l salute you. Hussein Waweru: I am just hoping these are not exaggerated figures to please Kenyans. Mohammed Idris: We are in their face and they will face the music. Kudos team KDF. David Kosgei: Well done guys, let us do it like we have never done it before.
Mwaniki Wanjiru: The media just wants to comfort us. No terrorist has been killed not even a single one. Nickie Nixion: Congrats KDF we are proud of you. Keep up the fight and put an end to those terrorists once and for all.

Joe Bennie: Not enough but keep up the good work.

Ibrahim Nuru: If so, good job for our soldiers. Kenyans let us pray for our security officers in and outside the country. May God grant you security as you fight for our security.

Mau Senior: We recently saw the bodies of KDF troops being brought back to the country. Why can’t they show us the bodies of these Al Shabaab militants?

Onesmus Muia: l stopped believing anything from KDF since Westgate. We watched live as thousands of KDF soldiers armed with heavy artillery struggled for days to neutralise six terrorists. It was like using a hammer to kill a fly.
Charles Njeru: KDF is only telling us the number of Al Shabaab they killed but they never told us how many of our soldiers were killed. Double standards.

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