Kenya: KDF Exit Won’t End Terror – UK



BRITAIN does not support the withdrawal of Kenya Defence Forces from Somalia, UK High Commissioner Christian Turner has said.

Speaking on KTN on Thursday night, he said the withdrawal of the Kenya troops would not solve the threats posed by al Shabaab.

“The causes of radicalisation are complex,” Turner said.

“Al Shabaab is attacking Kenya not primarily because of KDF presence in Somalia nor because of poverty, but because of ideology.”

The envoy said the war on terror will not be won militarily.

He called for a community-based approach as “trust lies at the heart of effectiveness”.

Turner said corruption destroys this trust and that Britain applauds the recent efforts by President Uhuru Kenyatta to tackle graft.

The envoy said the UK has learned from experience the importance of winning the trust of communities.

He cited the IRA bombings during the Northern Ireland Troubles and the London tube bombings in 2005.

“An effective response to terrorism can’t just focus on the hardware,” Turner said.

“It also needs to address the underlying causes of what leads some individuals to become radicalised and turn to violence.”

He called for a combination of “military pressure, intelligence co-operation, a more effective border control and regional collaboration on refugees matters”.

Turner said there is an ongoing counter-terrorism assistance programme to the Kenyan government that includes training, technical advice and critical equipment.

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