Kenya Police issue countrywide alert after Al Shabaab attack in Somalia



The Kenya Police have issued a public warning on a looming terror attack following reports from Somalia that militants had raided a military camp and killed an unknown number of soldiers. Kenya Police Spokesman Charles Owino said the attack in Somalia yesterday at dawn was clear indicator that terrorists would not hesitate to carry out their heinous acts if they find a loophole.

“Following several terrorist attacks witnessed across the globe we request the public to be extra vigilant and report any suspicious persons or activities witnessed,” Mr Owino said. He urged matatu operators and hotel industry players to check luggage and vet visitors.

Reports of the attack in Somalia were still scanty by the time of going to press, and Owino cautioned journalists not to ‘glorify terror.’ “You should be patriotic and accurate in your reporting. Media houses should not glorify attacks by terror groups. If we kill a hundred and they kill one officer, they see that as an achievement,” he added. Owino said Government vehicles would also have to be checked to ensure they do not ferry weapons.

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