National Lawmakers Give The Prime Minister further 10 days to complete the new cabinet





Members of the Somali Federal Parliament have accepted Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid’s request to be given further ten days to complete to the new cabinet.

Prime Minister of the Somali Federal Government, H.E. Omar Abdi Sharma’arke attended today’s parliamentary sitting and asked them to let him another chance for the building and installing complete council of ministers.

Speaker of the Parliament, Hon. Mohamed Osman Jawari was chairing the session and 186 mps gathered at the house of the people, and then the request was put into vote according to the officials.

according to the result announced by the Speaker, 139 accepted the demand of the Somali Prime Minister, Sharma’arke while 47 others rejected it, but no one was silent from voting to either yes or no.

Prime Minister, Sharma’arke is expected to reach the appointed 20 ministers to 25 ones with deputies and state ministers as his speech included today as soon as possible.

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