Official Somali Federal Government statement on the Summit on Sustainable Development Goals

Minister for Foreign Affairs & Investment Promotion Dr. Abdusalam H. Omer

H.E. Dr. Abdusalam H. Omer

Minister for Foreign Affairs & Investment Promotion

UN Head Quarters, New York,
Saturday 26th September 2015.

Mr. President, Excellencies, distinguished guests and honorable colleagues,

The Government of the Federal Republic of Somalia is proud to have been involved in what has been a truly inclusive and transparent process during the negotiations of the Sustainable Development Goals. These Goals will now succeed the Millennium Development Goals.

It is crucial we complete what we as individual nations ambitiously started to create a more equitable, secure and prosperous world for each and every human we share the planet with today and those born tomorrow.

While it is impossible for all Member States to get what they want, I am confident that the Sustainable Development Goals provide the strong framework for the greatest challenges that the world faces collectively today. The challenges of today are ones that require common action through partnership in order to ensure security, positive progress and prosperity for all mankind.

It is not possible in a globalized age to insulate ones nation from the overarching global issues such as climate change, terrorism and poverty without developing solutions and partnerships to initiate, manage and sustain the progress we require on a global level.

Our message to all delegations gathered here during this historic Summit, during 70th anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly, is that all partnerships—north-south/south-south/ business/government and civil society- must all be challenged to complement one another. This is the only way to fully utilize their abundant resources, in order to provide collective solutions to the implementation of fundamental targets to be met by 2030. There cannot be finger pointing 15 years from now because we have failed to work together simply because billions of people’s lives depend on the effective outcome of our commitment and cooperation.

The child born this hour will be 15 years of age by this time 2030 and we must think now how will that precious child evaluate our efforts? Will we have honored our promises to this child OR would we have failed them? These are the stark and simple choice we face collectively with every target we set ourselves under the Sustainable Development Goals.

Somalia, as a nation that has exited civil war and is now on the road to strong recovery, has argued for and continues to underline the importance of supporting post conflict nations in their journeys to peace, stability and economic recovery. The way out of violence and political misunderstanding is a commitment to justice, humanity and good governance. All these universal goals are a prerequisite for a stable world and the conducive environment for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

We are certain this is not the end of the discussions or debates as we must now take the bold steps to bring what is beautifully written on paper to life. The real challenge begins once we leave New York and return to our countries.

Somalia is ready to work with each and every partner and will embrace new ones to come in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals so that in the future we as a nation can contribute even further to the stability, progress and prosperity of our world.

The Somali people have a rich story to share and much to contribute to the global community. Many in the world have come to know our previous chapter during conflict as ‘Survivors’. Today, we come into this current chapter to be known as builders as we work towards a stable and peaceful society and region in the Horn of Africa and the wider world.

Now, the Sustainable Development Goals that we have come to sign, shall be the pen to ensure that as we write our nations next chapters- it will read of creators, innovators, and finally, sustainers contributing to their world in ways that bring peace, harmony and prosperity to our fellow man.

Thank You.

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