Options for Banadir in Federated Somalia

Banadir Regional Headquarters
By Samatalis Haille

By Samatalis Haille

There is ongoing debate regarding the role Banadir region will play in federated Somalia.

This paper will enrich this debate to find a solution that may be acceptable to the people of Banadir region and to the people of Somalia, who rightfully view Mogadishu as their capital city.

There are few regions remaining to be federated, among them Hiiraan, Middle Shabelle and some in the north of Somalia.

What is Federal, one might ask?  according to Google it has something to do with “having or relating to a system of government in which several states form a unity but remain independent in internal affairs.” This reminds me the concept of power,  as Realists propound: its aims, it is said, is preservation and independence. Somalia’s Federal Government, may be expected, to allow the people of Somalia to enjoy the preservation of life and property ensuing from united Somalia, and yet remind independent as far as their internal affairs is concerned. –

Somalia currently consists of 18 regions formed by the former President of Somalia, Mohamed Siyad Barre. How these regions will unite to form states that will constitute Federal Republic of Somalia is a matter that will be decided by the people who live in these 18 regions. Others may impose upon them now or later,  due to favorable prevailing conditions, but eventually people will decide the structure and the leadership of their respective political dispensations.

Ottawa Model

Ottawa model, if taken, will allow Mogadishu to continue to be the capital city of Federal Republic of Somalia and yet be part of a state comprising other regions, such as Middle Shabelle and Hiiraan. Ottawa will supply a way to solve challenges that may arise from this dispensation.

DC Model

This model suggests creating a district after taking lands from adjacent regions and making them a federal district that is not a state nor part of any state. This can be done in many ways, such as taking parts of Mogadishu, and making them a federal district, or turning the entire city into federal district administered by the federal Government. The latter is less likely to be accepted by the people who live in the city or the region because it denies them the benefits of being state or part of state, such as having representations in the two houses of Somalia, but other people from other regions may prefer this latter version of the model.

The current Provisional Constitution, see article 9, tasks two houses of Somalia, one not  yet formed but expected to represent states of Federal Somalia. Mogadishu, if DC model is taken, will not have representatives in that house, a house that will determine, partly, its status in federated Somalia.

Berlin Model

Mogadishu may become Berlin, the capital city of the Federal Republic of Germany. The reason being both cities share a lot in common.

Mogadishu is the capital city of the Federal Republic of Somalia. Berlin is also the capital city of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Mogadishu is the largest city of the Federal Republic of Somalia. Berlin is also the largest city in the Federal Republic of Germany.

If Mogadishu becomes Berlin, then Mogadishu will become one of the states of Somalia and yet it will continue to be the capital city of Federal Republic of Somalia.

The current head of Berlin is Governing Mayor of Berlin. Similarly, the current head of Mogadishu is Governor and Mayor of Mogadishu. Since he holds both posts, he may become Governing Mayor of Mogadishu, as his counter part in Berlin does, after Mogadishu becomes a city-state and capital city of Federal Republic of Somalia.

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