Police find arms cache in Garissa town

North Eastern regional coordinator Mohamud Saleh and police regional commander Edward Mwamburi inspect the deadly weapons that were found buried outside a commercial residential house in the outskirts of Garissa town. Saleh thanked members of the public for volunteering information on suspected criminals



Police in Garissa on Monday night found a cache of weapons buried outside a residence in Bula Sagare.

The weapons include an AK-47, 210 rounds of ammunition, IEDs, a hand grenade, a suicide bomb vest fully loaded with switches and a mobile phone.

Northeastern regional coordinator Mohamud Saleh yesterday said a resident stumbled upon the cache after stepping on mushy ground following heavy rains.

The weapons were in a plastic container.

Police sealed off the area and took the weapons.

Saleh said no arrests have been made, but security agents are following leads.

“We have a good idea whom we are looking for and soon we will make arrests. The discovery of the weapons is a major breakthrough in the war on terror. With the help of residents, we have been able to preempt several attacks and recover weapons that could have caused massive destruction,” he said.

In August last year, security officers seized a large cache during a crackdown.

He said some weapons recovered were so dangerous they could bring down a multiple storey building or destroy the Tana Bridge. “We are not out of the woods yet.

With the current rains pounding many parts of the region, the terror groups are able to cross the border and travel long distances to perpetuate their heinous crimes,” Saleh said.

He warned landlords against renting out their houses to people they have no information about.

“This is the last time I am warning the landlords. The next time al Shabaab suspects are arrested or weapons found in a house, they too will be held culpable,” Saleh said.

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