Qatar Charity launches Iftar project in 40 countries



Qatar Charity (QC) has launched its annual Iftar project for the upcoming holy month of Ramadan in 40 countries across the world.

QC said it is making all efforts to reach countries witnessing crises, special circumstances, or natural disasters. It has urged the public to offer their Zakat, charities, and donations for this project to alleviate the suffering of hundreds of thousands of fasting Muslims in these countries.

This charity will provide Iftar meals to approximately 98,000 Syrian people in their transitional shelters in Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq, as well as Syrians who have been internally displaced.

Additionally, Qatar Charity will support around 13,000 people in different governorates in Yemen. It will also provide Iftar meals to approximately 8000 Iraqi people who have been displaced from conflict areas such as the Anbar and Mosul provinces.

In the current project, Qatar Charity seeks to provide Iftar meals to Palestinians in Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank. The estimated target group in Palestine is around 43,000 Palestinians.

Moreover, Qatar Charity will support more than 53,000 Somalis, and will reach them in different towns and villages in Somalia as well as in refugee camps, where a large number of Somalis currently reside due to continuous armed conflict in their original areas of residence.

Qatar Charity will also offer Iftar meals to approximately 28,000 people in Nepal, which was recently hit by a catastrophic earthquake that led to the displacement of thousands from their places of residence.

QC has allocated different ways to make donations for this huge project to make it easier for donors to offer their charities and donations. Anyone can donate by sending an SMS that includes the intended recipient’s country code, followed by the number of people the benefactor would like to provide Iftar to. The number for both Ooredoo and Vodafone is 92652.

Donations also can be made by calling 44667711, through Qatar Charity collection outlets spread out in organizations and malls all over the country, or through Qatar Charity’s,

Qatar Charity has also designed a number of Iftar packages. Donors are able to provide meals to beneficiaries for 30 days at QR600 (sms code if30), 15 days at QR300 (sms code if15), or 10 days at QR200 (sms code if10). All sms should be sent to 92652.

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