QC initiative benefits 500 Somali families

A beneficiary receives his allowance from officials at the event.



The Qatar Charity Office in Somalia distributed sponsorship allowances of the first quarter of 2015 to 500 families from about 10,000 people sponsored by QC.

The distribution coincided with the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan to alleviate the life’s burdens of many of the needy including orphans, indigent families, people with disabilities, students, teachers, preachers, and Imams of mosques who are all sponsored by QC.

Among those present at the event was Qatari Chargé d’Affaires Hassan bin Hamza, who was keen to distribute some allowances to needy families.

He expressed delight over QC initiative, stressing that such initiatives are commendable and deserve our support.

QC’s programme in Somalia coincides with a time where indigent families expect assistance from those willing to satisfy their urgent needs to face poverty thousands of families suffer.

Such initiatives can alleviate the life’s burdens of many of the needy and help them handle their needs during this blessed month, and are likely to cheer thousands of Muslims up in Somalia.

Mohamed Hussain, Director,  QC Office, said; “QC spares no efforts to perform good deeds in all fields and seasons and attaches importance to the needy during such times and occasions. The initiative highlights QC’s interest to satisfy Muslims’ needs and humanitarian aspects in many countries.”

He urged the sponsored and those present to seize and invest in such times.

QC’s this year’s campaign is entitled ‘Ramadan Al Basma’ (Ramadan of Smiles) with an estimated cost of QR58.2m for projects to be implement during the holy month in and outside Qatar. The initiative exceeds the costs of last year’s campaign by QR14.6m and is expected to benefit over two million people.

Projects outside Qatar during the holy month include programmes at an estimated cost of QR38.2m targeting around 1.5 million people in 40 countries. They include projects allocated for the displaced in Syria and refugees in neighbouring countries in addition to projects to meet the humanitarian needs of many people worldwide.

QC always seeks to help the needy and about 80,000 male  and female orphans it sponsors worldwide. In Somalia, the number is around 9,000. This ranks Somalia as the third country benefiting from QC sponsorships. Somali orphans are well taken care of by Sponsorships and Care Office.

During Shaaban, QC organised an Umrah trip for outstanding students from among the sponsored orphans in Somalia, Indonesia, Mali, Niger and Bosnia.

Quran memorisation and good achievements at school were among the criteria for selecting students.

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