Raila uses Iftar gathering to poke holes into Jubilee reign



Leader of the Opposition Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (Cord) Raila Odinga used an Iftar gathering (the evening meal when Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset) in Mombasa on Tuesday night to urge supporters in the Coastal region to register as voters ahead of 2017 General Election even as he continued to cast doubts on the ability of Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to hold free and fair election.

While criticising the Jubilee administration for allegedly failing to deliver on its manifesto, Raila said the country is in “dire need” of alternative leadership because the government has failed to solve challenges facing the citizens such as insecurity and corruption.

The former Prime Minister said “government’s ineptitude in fighting corruption in various sectors” is the root cause of all social vices such as insecurity, decline in tourism and subsequent joblessness that are now visiting havoc upon Kenyans.

“More than 2,000 Kenyans have lost their lives in the hands of criminal gangs as well as police officers through extra-judicial killings.

Kenyans have been killed like ants in Mandera, Lamu, Garissa and Imams have also been killed at the Coast yet the government has failed to resolve the mystery…Old town which is iconic for tourism has been known to be a peaceful but today it has been turned into hideouts for killer gangs,” he said.

He said al Shabaab militias are having a field day in Kenya for no other reason other than corruption. “Al Shabaab is not launching attacks because we invaded Somalia, not because we border Somalia…other nations like Ethiopia and Djibouti also border Somalia and in fact Ethiopia’s soldiers are also in Somalia; we don’t hear attacks in Ethiopia because they have put in place important measures… al Shabaab are invading Kenya because they bribe officers at the borders; they know our weakness,” said Raila during the event held at the historic Fort Jesus monument in old town.

Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar and his Kwale counterpart Boy Juma Boy said there are indication Jubilee government has never been ready to bust the ghost of corruption.

The leaders said by playing blind to the infamous Chickengate scandal where officials of the IEBC were adversely mentioned, it is clear there no willingness to get to the bottom of the whole issue a.

“It is undeniable that IEBC ate the chicken because their partners in crime were prosecuted in UK. However, because we tend to embrace corruption, no action has been taken against the electoral officials mentioned in Kenya,” said Boy Juma.

He said the fact that IEBC officials were not mentioned in the List of Shame was a clear indication that the government is only “keeping up appearance” in the war against graft.

Raila fired a direct jab at Deputy President William Ruto, saying he is “the epitome of corruption in the Jubilee leadership.” “We all understand that the DP earns less than Sh2 million as salary.

So why is it that every month he donates more than Sh20 million at harambees? Where does he get all this money from to hoodwink Kenyans that he is philanthropic I told you corruption is taking the country to the dogs and that is why we need changes,” said Raila.

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