SFO opens investigation into SOMA Oil & Gas



The SFO confirmed today that it has opened a criminal investigation into SOMA Oil & Gas Holdings Ltd, SOMA Oil & Gas Exploration Limited, SOMA Management Limited and others in relation to allegations of corruption in Somalia.

Whistleblowers are valuable sources of information to the SFO in its cases.  We welcome approaches from anyone with inside information on all our cases including this one – we can be contacted through our secure reporting channel, which can be accessed via the SFO website.

Notes to editors:

  1. Further details on reporting information to us can be found here or on our website home page, www.sfo.gov.uk. Please ensure that any emails with information relating to this investigation contain the word “SOMA” in the subject line.
  2. Please note that the SFO’s investigation concerns SOMA Oil & Gas Holdings Ltd (registered number with Companies House: 08506858), SOMA Oil & Gas Exploration Limited (registered number: 08619726) and SOMA Management Limited (registered number: 08619760).
  3. The Serious Fraud Office is an independent government department responsible for investigating and prosecuting serious and complex fraud, bribery and corruption. It is headed by the Director, David Green CB QC, who exercises powers under the superintendence of the Attorney General. These powers are derived from the Criminal Justice Act 1987.
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