Somali air force marks 56th anniversary



Members of the Somali military on Sunday marked fifty-six years since signing of a decree which established the country’s air force with a parade in the city.Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Mohamed Omar Arte attended a ceremony in Mogadishu to commemorate the event which was also attended by Minister of Defence, Justice and the Hoggaanadda Armed forces.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Arte said the air force as part of the country’s military has served Somalia well and was still playing a decisive role in achieving peace and stability after decades of conflict.


He spoke of the importance of air forces in the security of a nation, adding that the country needs to restore its respect for the air force.

We thank all its gallant officers and men for playing their part in the history of the military and its first woman pilot Captain Asli Hassan Abade, he said

The Somali air force was established in 1960 as part of protecting the country from internal as well as external aggression.


It carried out its greatest operation in the theatre of humanitarian relief when it flew tonnes of aid to tens of thousands of people facing disaster from floods in 1962 and prolonged drought in 1974.

Following years of civil war, it was disbanded after the fall of late President Siad Barre.

It was rejuvenated in 2010 with the authority of a new Somali central government with training of its officers taking place in Turkey and Djibouti.

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