Somali government officials, AMISOM commander visit Ceel Bur



A delegation from the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), the Galmudug Interim Administration and African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) have visited the recently liberated Ceel Bur district to assess the needs of the local community and foster relations.

The delegation included the AMISOM Deputy Force Commander Maj. Gen. Mohammedesha Zeyinu, the FGS Minister of Defense Abdukadir Sheikh Ali Dini and Abdikarim Hussein Guled, the President of Galmudug regional administration.

They also visited the communal livestock watering point, and inspected the water supply point for the town.

Speaking during the visit, Maj. Gen. Mohammedesha said:

“Today we are visiting Ceel Buur with government officials.


“The purpose of the visit is to relate AMISOM forces with the people of Ceel Bur and understand the problems of the people regarding humanitarian aid for example water, health and food; and to assess the needs for more support to the people”.

Maj. Gen. Mohammedesha also met with AMISOM troops from the Ethiopian contingent and encouraged them to continue the fight against ‘al-Shabaab’ in the area.

Minister Abdukadir said encouraged the residents to participate in the reconstruction of the region as the Federal Government support restoration of security and social services.

“We are saying the government will provide help and support, but unless the population help and defend themselves, no one can help.

“We advise the population, whether they are in or outside the country, to come and urgently rebuild this town, not even an hour should be wasted,” said Minister Abdukadir.

Abdikarim Hussein Guled, the President of Galmudug regional Administration noted that the return of residents of Ceel Bur who had earlier fled ‘al-Shabaab’ terror has been slow, and needs to be encouraged through provision of social services, including access to education, health facilities and safe water.

“I am appealing to the Somali government and the international community to urgently bring emergency relief.

“Humanitarian organizations, AMISOM, the Federal government and the regional administration will work jointly to provide relief, set up administrations and encourage residents to return,” said Guled.

Federal Members of Parliament Yusuf Gelle Ugas and Issa Weheliye who hail from Ceel Bur pledged to mobilize people hailing from the area to play a role in reconstruction; and lobby for support to build facilities such as a new police station, and the hospital for health care services.

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