Somali parliament passes national electoral commission bill


Somali legislators have unanimously passed the Independent National Election Bill, paving the way for the establishment of a credible electoral commission, APA learns here Wednesday.

The deputy speaker of parliament Mahad Abdalle Awad, who chaired the meeting, announced that members of the house have overwhelmingly agreed to the endorsement of the new bill which was presented to the parliamentary sub-committee of internal affairs.

One of the members, Mohamed Omar Dalha, said that the approved of the bill would help Somalia move from a clan-based system to democratic elections in the coming year.

This law is an important step towards elections which are credible, inclusive and peaceful, and which respect the country’s draft constitution and will of the Somali people, Ali Abdi, a Somali political analyst said.

We hope it will contribute to greater representation of all Somalis including women, once the commission is formed and we call for a comprehensive electoral calendar without delay, he added.

Somalia is planning for its first democratic election in 2016, that will mark the first national election being held in the country in more than 40 years.

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