Somali President opens National Army Training Camp built by UAE in Mogadishu

Photo Courtesy of Radio Muqdisho


President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E. Hassan Sh. Mohamud has officially opened National Army Training Camp in Which United Arab Emirates built in Hodan district in Benadir region.

A very colorful occasion on the opening of this Army Training Camp was held inside the college, in attendance with deputy Prime Minister and Ministers of Defense, Internal Security and Information, UAE Ambassador to Somalia, other representatives and dignitaries today on Tuesday.

UAE Ambassador to Somalia, Mohamed Ahmed Osman delivered a speech on the occasion, saying building such Army Training Camp is part of many other useful projects his government supports the Somali people and government.

The Ambassador said, “We are helping Somalia to have its national Army be stronger than they are now, we offer them training and equipment, we intended this college for Somalia National Army to be trained, the construction project of this college started last year and ended this year”.

We carry out many projects in Somalia including, humanitarian assistance, economic development, politics and infrastructure, some of our projects are conduction in lower Shabelle, Bay and Middle Shabelle regions, we are planning to open a hospital in Adi’asis district soon, the hospital will offer medical assistance and service for over 300 patients”, United Arab Emirates’ Ambassador, Osman added.

Minister of Defense of Somalia, H.E. Abdukadir Sh. Ali Diini thanked United Arab Emirates for its support to Somali government, in particular, the  military assistance and building training center, he said, this is named Gen. Mohamed Ibrahim Farah ‘Gordon’,  this college will have great role in building the ability of the National Army”.

President Hassan who spoke at the occasion gave special thanks to the president and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, saying his government grateful to UAE’s support in Somalia.

The President said, “UAE is the first state which responded to our demand, they support us in many ways, not only building military premises but both humanitarian and important social projects which our citizens could see and make use of them.

On the other hand, the first batch of Somali officer graduated from this college today and the event ended in a very good atmosphere.

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