Somalia: 10 Including School Children Killed as Kenyan Warplanes Bomb Suspected Al Shabaab Targets

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The Kenya Defence Forces reportedly carried out several airstrikes on Somali villages located near its border in what is believed to be a raid on suspected Al Shabaab targets, killing 10 civilians, including some children.

Some Somalian news reports claimed that the Kenyan airforce carried out indiscriminate bombings on villages located in Gedo region.

Somalian online news source Horseed Media reported that 10 civilians, including women and children, were killed and dozens of others were injured in the airstrikes on Sunday.

Local residents told the news source that more than 10 people were killed. In the air raid, five children, who were heading to a local madrasa, an Islamic school, were also killed.

It is reported that the airstrikes began early morning and targeted several remote villages along the border area.

Goobjoog, a Somali online news portal, accused the Kenyan air force of killing innocent civilians in the name of chasing Al Shabaab militants. A local resident said that the airstrikes were indiscriminate as the Kenyan forces bombed even the grazing animals.

“We are not aware of any military camps located there. They dropped bombs on the whole area,” a resident said.

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