Somalia Criticized the Construction of a Border Wall by Kenya



Kenya is planning to build a 700 km long wall along its border with Somalia but it is considered an ineffective measure to keep out the Islamic extremist Al Shabaab, stated today a senior Somali official.

Abdirisak Omar Mohamed, Minister of Internal Security, said at a press conference that the border fence will be unable to solve this problem and create another, referring to the negative consequences of the measure for maintaining good bilateral relations.

In this line, the deputy chairman of Somalia’s Parliamentary Commission for Foreign Affairs Mohamed Omar Dalha, stated that with this wall the Kenyan government violates the territorial integrity of his country.

Dalha referred to complaints about the alleged destruction of Somali households in the town of Balad-Hawo in Gedo province, which borders Kenya during the the earthworks for the lifting of the wall between the two nations.

‘We demand that Kenya desist from the appropriation of Somalia and respect the independence of our country. We will not passively sit down and see how destroying the homes of our people with bulldozers.”

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