Somalis celebrate New Year in peace



The celebrations of the New Year started in Mogadishu where a large number of people gathered in one of the most famous hotels in the capital.

Somalis flocked to the hotel to take part in the celebrations of the New Year amid tight security in the streets leading to the hotel for fear of terrorist attacks.

Witnesses said heavily armed troops closed some of the main streets to protect those who took part in the celebrations.

“Forces were preventing cars from passing in the streets near the hotel, but the ordinary people can go to the hotel to attend the celebrations,” Sharif Muse, one of the Mogadishu residents, told Xinhua.

Inside the hotel is a team of musicians who have begun to provide a concert to the public who attended to celebrate the New Year.

“I’m lucky because I was able to take part the celebration of 2016, I hope that the new year to achieve our dreams as Somalis and obtain lasting stability in our country,” Fathima Jama, one of the attendants at a party celebration, told Xinhua.

Some people traveled long distances to get to the hotel to take part in the celebrations of the New Year which are said to be the largest of its kind in Mogadishu.

“I come to this place to share in the festivities. My home is far from the hotel, but I was convinced to come here, I wish a happy new year to all,” Mursal Aynte said.

The Al-Qaida linked group Al-Shabaab prevented the celebration of New Year’s Eve in areas under their control, but the capital Mogadishu controlled by the Somali government experienced these celebrations.

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