Special Forces in Mogadishu for Turkish President Visit

Turkish Special Forces have arrived in Somali capital Mogadishu ahead of President Raccip Tayyip Erdogan visit in the country.

A Contingent of Turkish Special Forces (Maroon Berets) backed up by a team of intelligence and counter-terrorism experts arrived in Mogadishu early Monday.

The Turkish special forces will provide security to Turkey’s President Raccip Tayyip Erdogan who will be on a state visit to Somalia.

President Raccip Tayyip Erdogan who formerly served as a powerful Prime Minister and a global geopolitical icon arrives in Mogadishu later this week.

He visited Somalia in 2011 when he was Ankara’s PM.

The Special Forces Command is not aligned to any of the three Turkish branches of TAF, receiving its orders directly from the General Staff of the Republic of Turkey.


By David Goldman


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