Spectrum signs up for Somalia offshore survey



Norwegian seismic services firm Spectrum has signed an agreement with the government of Somalia for a multi-client master co-operation agreement to acquire around 28,000 km of long offset 2D seismic data offshore south Somalia.

The new acquisition has been designed to complement 20,000 km of existing seismic from an acquisition in 2014. Once put together, the surveys will allow the in-depth study of hydrocarbon prospectivity offshore Somalia, in an area close to major discoveries on the East African margin.

His Excellency Mohamed Mukhtar Ibrahim from Somalia’s ministry of petroleum and mineral resources, said “This historic seismic data agreement will be the resumption of the exploration program of the hydrocarbon reserves of our country, which will be a turning point for the economic development of our nation.”

Spectrum said it will use its global reach to market both data sets and raise industry interest.

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