The Horn: Ethiopian Foreign Minister Gloat Over His Countries Dismemberment of Somalia

By Khayre Ilayow

On the occasion of the inauguration of Ahmed Madoobe in Kismayo, the Ethiopian foreign minister said at the ceremony “Somalia waxay ku sugantahay nabad iyo caano” ,”and Ethiopia is very happy about how things are and are developing in Somalia”.

Mr Tedros the Ethiopian foreign minister spoke some Somali phrases such as (nabad iyo caano) while addressing the gathering where Ethiopia’s loyal man Mr Ahmed Madoobe was being inaugurated as so-called Jubaland president.

The Ethiopian foreign minister made crystal clear that his country has succeeded in breaking the backbone of Somali unity and virtually engineered Somalia along bitterly fragmented and divided tribal based fiefdoms which falls under the dominions and control of the black empire of Ethiopia.

The other noteworthy was that Ethiopia ordered the president of the federal republic of Somalia, the prime minister and other so-called mini presidents from different parts of Somalia to attend at Ahmed Madoobe’s unlawful inauguration ceremony.

It is very unfortunate and lamentable that Ethiopia calls the shot and tune in Somalia. This has never happened before 2004 where the late Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed gave Ethiopia the permission to invade and capture south central Somalia with great devastation and disaster to Somalia.

The subsequent leaders including president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud toes the Ethiopian policy towards Somalia and behave in servile manner instead of standing up for the dignity and sovereignty of Somalia.

The flagrant Ethiopian and Kenyan interference in the internal affairs of Somalia and their strategy to make Somalia ungovernable and their brutal hegemonic domination is totally unacceptable and must be foiled whatever it takes.

In this regard, Somalia needs patriotic and statesmen like leaders who have the guts to stand up to the ever increasing aggression and domination posed by both Ethiopia and Kenya to the national unity, sovereignty and dignity of the Somalis.

In conclusion, how Ethiopia engineered the clan based enclaves of Somalia is a recipe for great disaster and perpetual instabilities among Somali societies, and if these artificial and conspiratorial balkanization in Somalia were allowed to stand, then it will be the death knell of the Somali nation as we know it.

Both Ethiopia and Kenya are the sworn enemies of the Somali people and they already colonize a large junk of Somalia’s territories and now they want to swallow up the whole of Somalia.

Both Ethiopia and Kenya have been waging relentless multi-purpose wars against Somalia during the 25 years and they have been obtaining full support from their western allies in their quest to control and humiliate the Somalis.

The present Somali leaders whether at national or regional levels are Ethiopia or Kenya loyalists and they do not represent the Somali people in anyway legally.

Hence it is time to change the political and social direction of Somalia for the better and usher in patriotic and intellectual men of credibility and vision in order to salvage the proud nation of Somalia from oblivion.

Khayre Ilayow

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