The President: We welcome our Turkish friends back to Somalia

25 January 2015, Mogadishu: HE President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud today welcomed President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey to Somalia.

He paid tribute to the significant contribution the Turkish government and people have made to aid and development initiatives in Somalia and acknowledged Turkish commitment even in the face of significant risks.

“I am delighted to welcome President Erdoğan back to Somalia. The friendship between Turkey and Somalia is long – beginning in the 16th century with ties between the Ottoman Empire and the Adel Sultanate.

“More recently, Turkey has been fearless in her commitment to supporting Somali-led development in Somalia. Turkey has not waited for the conditions to be right to wait to invest, their investment has instead helped create the right conditions for stability and growth. The friendship and support Turkey has shown towards Somalia is something that will be forever cherished,” the President said.

Turkey, in partnership with the Federal Government of Somalia, has launched various development and infrastructure projects in Somalia, ranging from health and sanitation projects, including the construction of numerous hospitals, to the construction of roads and buildings, and the rehabilitation of Aden Adde International Airport. Places of worship have also been restored, and many Somalis are currently being educated in Turkey.

Today, President Mohamud and President Erdoğan opened the new terminal of Aden Adde International Airport, the new Somalia-Turkey Education and Research Hospital. Bilateral discussions concentrated on the increasing dialogue and cooperation between Somalia and Turkey regarding economic, social and security issues. New development agreements were signed focusing on elements of military and security cooperation, youth and sports initiatives, marine transportation, police support and cooperation between Turkish National Radio TRT and Somali National TV.

“We thank Turkey for her ongoing development assistance in support of economic, military, social, infrastructure partnership and humanitarian aid initiatives. The Somalia people are grateful for Turkey’s friendship throughout the years and we look forward to strengthened ties between our countries,” said President Mohamud.

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