Turkish aid agency opens research hospital in Somalia


President Erdogan and Health Minister Muezzinoglu will attend official opening in Mogadishu on Sunday.

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) — Turkey’s international development body — will officially open Sunday a training and research hospital in Somalia’s capital.

According to the Turkish Health Ministry, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Health Minister Mehmet Muezzinoglu will attend the official opening of the 200-bed Mogadishu Somalia-Turkey Training and Research Hospital on Sunday.

The two countries signed a protocol stipulating that the hospital would be operated jointly and that the Turkish ministry would provide specialized personnel and financial support for the next five years, after which the hospital will be run by Somalia.

Some 36 Somali assistants are expected take part in the hospital’s training program each year.

The estimated amount of the hospital’s operating budget is around $135.7 million, of which Turkey will contribute $85.6 million during the five-year period.

Some 52 Turkish and 91 local staff will work as hospital administrators, head doctors, administrative directors or financial directors.

Security will be provided by 40 Somalis and five Turkish citizens.

The hospital will have children, maternity, urology, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, internal medicine, general surgery, anesthesia, eye and dental branches.

The 13,500-square-meter indoor space boasts 12 intensive care beds, 14 newborn intensive care beds, 20 incubators, four operating rooms, a delivery room, as well as radiology and laboratory units.


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