Turkish Foreign Ministry withdraws many politically-appointed ambassadors



Most of Turkey’s politically-appointed ambassadors, as opposed to those who are career diplomats, have been withdrawn before their tenure was up. Ambassadors to Cyprus, Chad, Djibouti, Indonesia and Cameroon have been recalled to Ankara.

Aside from career diplomats, a large portion of the ambassadors appointed from outside for political reasons have been withdrawn, according to the latest memorandum regarding ambassadors issued by Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ambassadors to Northern Cyprus, Indonesia, Chad, Cameroon and Djibouti have been recalled with the latest memorandum, joining the earlier withdrawal of Somalia, Ghana and Libya.

Turkey’s politically-appointed ambassadors kept making headlines with their long list of gaffes and scandals, some even causing major crises. The most significant of these was the Ambassador to Somalia, Kani Torun, meeting with the leader of the al-Shabaab terrorist group. Al Shabaab later attacked the Turkish Embassy in Somalia and killed Turkish security personnel.

Meanwhile Ambassador to Chad Ahmet Kavas had posted a tweet where he praised al-Qaeda, putting Turkey in hot water. Ambassador Kavas also organized a conference in Ankara with a terrorist group in the Central African Republic, getting Turkey into even greater trouble at the United Nations. Kavas had also made himself a target of ridicule at the Foreign Ministry with his behavior.

Meanwhile Ambassador to Indonesia Zekeriya Akçam, who had been Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s adviser during his Prime Ministry, wasn’t even in the country for the October 29 Republic Day Reception, Turkey’s most important national holiday and one of the most important duties of Turkish embassies the world over. It was even alleged that during this time he had been staying in Turkey for two months without permission and without even notifying the ministry. The ambassador not being at the reception surprised both the Indonesian officials and other ambassadors who had attended the event.

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