U.S. Drone strike targets senior Al Shabab leader

Mogadishu, Somalia (SOMALI AGENDA)- The United States Military has carried out a drone strike targeting a senior Al Shabab leader in Somalia’s Southern town of Saakow.

On its Twitter account, the Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby issued a short statement saying: The strike took place in the vicinity of Saakow, Somalia. At this time, we do not assess there to be any civilian or bystander casualties. We are assessing the results of the operation and will provide additional information, when appropriate, as details become available.”

The Pentagon has not provided any more information about the result of the strike nor the precise target. The United States military has increased its drone strikes in Somalia recently. On September 1st of this year, the U.S. has successfully targeted the leader of Al Shabab Ahmed Abdi Godane.

Today’s strike is part of a wider international effort to break the back of Somalia’s deadly Al Shabab terrorists. The coordinated strikes are beginning to yield the desired strategic objectives of driving Al Shabab leaders to abandon their war. On Saturday, Zakaria Ismail Ahmed Hirsi Al Shabab’s intelligence chief surrendered to the Somali government. The surrender of Zakaria who had a 3 million bounty on his head and designated as part of America’s most wanted list is a major blow to the terrorist group as it aims to recover and regroup in the aftermath of the demise of its formidable leader Ahmed Abdi Godane.

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