UAE ambassador survives bomb attack by Al Shabaab



A suicide bomber rammed into a military car that belonged to UAE ambassador to Somalia Mohammed Al Othman in the capital city of Mogadishu, according to media reports.

Al Othman is believed to have survived the attack on his vehicle, which was parked near the Turkish embassy in the city.

However, media reports indicate that almost 10 civilians were killed in the attack whileReuters has cited police sources confirming three deaths.

Islamist militant group Al Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack, which security officials say was targeted at the UAE ambassador.

It is not clear if Al Othman was present in the vehicle during the attack.

Al Shabaab is a Somalia-based insurgent group that pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda in 2012. It is yet to link up to ISIL, the Al Qaeda-off shoot that has captured parts of Iraq and Syria.

The radical Islamist group has previously conducted deadly attacks inside both Somalia and neighbouring Kenya.

Recently Al Shabaab massacred 142 students in a Kenyan university while it also carried out a deadly attack in a shopping mall in Nairobi, killing 67 people.

Earlier this week, an Al Shabaab suicide bomber crashed an explosive ridden car into the main gate of Somali intelligence training centre. Heavy gunfire followed between armed militants, who attempted to enter the building, and security personnel.

Al Shabaab has not yet said that its target in the attack was the UAE ambassador but the Emirates has been proactive in helping Somalia counter terrorism within the country.

In May 2015, Somalia opened a new military training centre in Mogadishu that was funded by the UAE.

During its opening, Al Othman said in a speech that the new centre will help Somalia to train a force that will be able to protect the country. He also specified that it was important to confront the threat of Al Shabaab.

“The UAE will spare no effort to stand by the fellow Somali people, who have been enduring the scourge of the civil war and terrorism for more than two decades. The UAE is working hard to provide the necessary support that helps Somalia to restore its security and stability,” Al Othman said.

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