Uganda on high alert over terror threat



The Ugandan police are on high terror alert following a video allegedly posted by the Somali militants, Al-Shabaab, on YouTube calling for Jihad- inspired attacks on Uganda and Burundi, media reported on Friday.

The Police, in a statement issued here, said the 12 minute video uploaded on Monday on the link “the final message of the Kampala warrior”, can not be taken as a joking matter, Xinhua news agency reported.

“The police and their sister security agencies are actively examining the contents and authenticity of a YouTube link ‘the final message of the Kampala warrior’,” said the statement.

“As the public already knows the threat of terrorism whether real or perceived has never been taken for granted by security,” the statement added.

It noted: “Although the threat has no specific information about what might be planned, the security and intelligence community continues to gather credible intelligence on the general threat.”

Uganda continues to face terror threats from the Al-Qaeda-linked Somali militants to avenge the East African country for sending troops in the war-ravaged Horn of African country.

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