UNSC welcomes Parliament approval of Cabinet


NEW YORK, Feb 11 (KUNA) — UN Security Council (UNSC) welcomed in a statement the approval of the Cabinet list by the Federal Parliament of Somalia.

Members of the Security Council, at a session late Tuesday, stressed the need for the Federal Government to accelerate delivery of the milestones of the Federal Governmentآ’s آ‘Vision 2016آ’.
In this context, they underlined the importance of the new political leadership in Somalia quickly delivering in priority areas, including the passage of key legislation to establish the National Independent Electoral Commission, progress towards the establishment and strengthening of interim regional administrations, the stabilisation of areas recovered from Al-Shabaab, and resuming the implementation and review of the Provisional Constitution, without further delay.
The 15-member body stressed the importance of political unity, inclusivity and stability of the Federal Government in Somalia, in order to make swift progress on delivery for the people of Somalia, the statement added.
Furthermore, they welcomed the enhanced participation of women in the new Government, and stressed the importance of Somaliaآ’s leaders, including the new Government, the President and Parliament, developing effective mechanisms to prevent prolonged political crises in the future.
On February 9th, the Federal Parliament of Somalia approved the Cabinet list.
Five-days ago, the members of the Security Council expressed their concern at the ongoing political crisis in Somalia, its negative effect on delivery of progress for the Somali people, and its impact on peace and stability.

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